This is the same girl that smoked weed all throughout her 3 pregnancies and even grew it in her attic while her kids were living in the same house. I know a lot of people don’t agree that weed is as bad as other drugs/shouldn’t be classed as a drug and I agree but at the end of the day it’s at the moment it is still an illegal drug, meaning you are a druggie you fucking hypocrite.

A girl just posted a photo on Facebook of her daughter ‘officially’ trying a Big Mac. She’s one and a half why would you give her a Big Mac in the first place. This is the same girl who gave her a jar of Nutella to eat before she was one mind I shouldn’t be suprised.

Seen a lot of posts today publicly calling other mothers out on how the y choose to parent. While I don’t agree with certain things some people on here choose to do with their child, I would never publicly call them out or bash them. I might write a post saying I’m against something or whatever but I’d never say well blahblahah does this and I think it’s wrong. And even if I do write a post saying I’m against something you do, it’s never a personal thing.

To be honest I think the majority of mothers on here are amazing no matter what they do parenting wise. There is one who I do have a problem with purely because I think she’s put her child in unnecessary danger a few times but even then I’d never make a post bashing her by name or send hate, anon or otherwise.

It’s getting to the point now grown women are being bullied and bullying other on how they chose to parent and I think it’s disgusting.

Ps. I wasn’t just irrationally a bitch to her at the end, Kris, his nan and his uncle all had to stop themselves laughing because she doesn’t care about being a good parent. She is literally horrendous the way she treats her kids, especially Tristan. The amount of times she’s said She wish she could put him in care, called him limpy, spazzy, dickhead, mongy, the list goes on. They’re even going away for 2 weeks to butlins on a free holiday the council give them because of his disabilities and they’re leaving him at home because he’s ‘too much hard work’

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Basically all this is because of Kris’s stepmother Tara. Kris’s nan was saying that the baby should start being weaned off his dummy before he starts school (he’s 3 already but because he’s got some disabilities he won’t be starting till he’s probably 4 maybe 5) and Kris just mentioned that when we have kids that I’d like to try to not give our baby a dummy. Tara just scowled at me and went “there’s nothing wrong with dummy’s, all 6 of mine had them, Immy didn’t stop having hers till she was 6.” I went there’s nothing wrong with having one I would just like to try and not use one if I can. She just laughed and went “every kid needs a dummy, what you going to do then just leave the kid cry? (ironic considering the amount of times she’s left Tristan crying in the other room even when he first came home from hospital). I said no, and actually I never had a dummy neithe did my brother or a lot of members of my family and we didn’t just lay and cry either. My mother used other ways to comfort us and I also plan on breastfeeding and feeding on demand and that from what ive read a lot of mothers who do that find their children don’t need a dummy as much/ at all but if we really needed to I’m not against using one, I’d just like to try to go without first.
She then said the “you’re not a parent yet, just you wait, you’ll be in for a shock it’s not as easy as these ‘books’ you’ve read make out” I just went I know it’s not going to be easy I’m not stupid. But the reason I read all these books is because I’d like to be somewhat prepared so I can bring my child up as best as I can, you obviously don’t feel that need” And just smirked at her. She hasn’t spoken to me since. I honestly can’t stand her.

"You’re not a parent yet, just you wait"

I fucking hate that. No I may not be a parent ‘yet’ but I do take it very seriously. I research every single little thing to do with parenting and pregnancy and ttc and everything else so when it is my turn I make the best decision in my opinion that will work for us. I also have a ‘plan’ of what I would like to do when Ido eventually get pregnant and how I’d like to parent, however I also understand that all children are different and some things may not work out. That’s fine and when the time comes, if I need to ill change certain aspects based on my child, their needs, and what works best for us. However do not belittle my opinions and my plans just because you happen to have children before me. I do not care what worked and did not work for your children as long as they are cared for and looked after you can do what works best for you and ill do what works best for me.

I’d really love to try cloth nappies, but I know I’m most likely going to end up having to use disposable. Mostly because Kris hates the idea of cloth and secondly because it’s not really very common around her, like I don’t know anyone who has used cloth nappies, and thirdly my mother thinks I’m nuts for wanting to do it. I wouldn’t normally care what she thinks but if I have to go back to work once we have a baby she will most likely be the one who has the baby for me and if she doesn’t and they go into childcare the ones around here wont take babies with cloth nappies. 

I like to think I’m quite laid back

Especially when it comes to parenting things. I have my own opinions on what I want to do with my future children and if you don’t want to do them that way then that’s fine by me. As long as you give your child everything they need and don’t beat them,then you seem like a pretty ok parent to me.
I think I’m quite lucky in the sense I’m from the uk because issues like circumcision isn’t really a big issue. Hardly anyone does it in the first place.

Biggest pet peeve when it comes to parenting! 

I kind of hate when parents buy millions of stuff for their kid’s Christmas.

I understand they want to spoil them but is it really necessary to have 100’s of presents for them on Christmas day. 

this is a photo a girl on my facebook posted last year of HALF her child’s Christmas presents, he wasn’t even one year old. 

Obviously if you’ve got the money it’s ok to splurge a little but another girl I know took out a £1000 loan just to buy her daughter presents for Christmas. 

That is not the meaning of Christmas. 

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