Maybe he’s ‘confussed’ that his mother can’t write in English? I don’t understand why you would argue with a child about it, he’s 3, he’s not necessarily going to turn out gay just because he said he wanted a boyfriend when he was 3. 

When I have a child they are going to learn that it’s ok to have a girlfriend or a boyfriend as long as they’re happy i’d be happy. 

A friend of mine got beat up for being gay.

It happened a few days ago but I only just found out. Apparently he was out clubbing and as he left he ran into two boys who came on to him and offered him a threesome, they all went back to my friends dormroom, as soon as they got inside they started hitting and kicking him, calling him a faggot, then left him in a pool of blood and took his bank card and wallet. Luckily he is ok and they’ve caught whoever done it. It just seems so strange to me that even in this day and age people are so hateful. 

Kris’s uncle is gay and has been with his partner for nearly 20 years, and yet whenever Stuart sings in clubs he pretends to be straight as he’s been warned by his agents that ‘gay doesn’t pay’ i’ve seen people do a complete change when they find out he’s gay and it does amaze me. People always automatically assume that because I have a boyfriend i’m straight, and that must mean that I agree with all the homophobic comments they make. People make me sick sometimes. 

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Speaking of sexuality.

People always find it really weird when I tell them I knew I liked girls since I was 6. I used to tell everyone I was going to be a lesbian when I grew up and was in love with a woman who ran the breakfast club in my school. I probably didn’t really understand what it mean, just that I knew that’s what you called girls that liked other girls. It wasn’t until I was 10 and I had my first proper girl crush if you can call it that. I used to be obsessed with the tv show Bad Girls and I was in love with the woman who played Helen Stewart

To be honest for up until I was about 13 I genuinely thought I was a lesbian, I had absolutely no interest in boys until one day I did. I guess it’s a bit backwards compared to most.  Even though I do like men, and obviously I’m engaged to one and plan on spending the rest of my life with one, I’ve always preferred girls. Like it’s strange, but for like every say 7 girls I find attractive, I only find 3 guys. I don’t know, it’s weird. I do think though if me and Kris ever split up (touch wood) I would be with a woman next. Obviously I don’t want to break up with him, but I do worry sometimes that I’m missing out or whatever, like i’ve never actually been with a woman and if things go how I plan, I’ll never be with one.  But then again, i’d never give what I have with Kris up for a chance with anyone, male or female. 

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Isabelle's blog.: Sexuality.


I often wonder whether I could have a relationship with a girl. In the end, I’d identify as straight. I’ve only ever had proper feelings for men, and I fantasise about relationships with men. However, I find women incredibly attractive and have this fantasy about having sex with a woman. I don’t…

I don’t know if it’s just the ‘bisexual’ in me wanting to make everyone a bit gay, but I believe there literally is a bit of gay in everyone. I’ve not met one girl who can honestly say she hasn’t found certain female celebrities attractive or would sleep with them given the chance and loads of guys I know have said stuff like “If I was a girl i’d sleep with insert male celebrity here” which to me is the same thing, they’re just trying not to sound gay. 

Out for a meal for kris’s birthday

On our table there’s a -
Gay couple
Lesbian couple
‘straight’ couple (as in boy/girl)
And a single/widowed
Successfully hitting every possible sexuality/relationship.

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Anonymous asked: Are you bisexual? are yu out?

Yeah I guess technically. I don’t really like that word though, I dunno, I do like both girls and boys so I suppose I am. I don’t walk around wearing a top saying i’m a giant homo but I think most of my really close friends know. I did ‘officially’ come out to a few of them when I was like 16 and I actually told my best friend when I was like 14/15 I think but I havn’t really told anyone else, but I don’t make it a secret that I fancy girl celebrity’s or whatever. I guess because I’ve never actually been in a relationship with a girl it’s never been a problem of having to tell people if you know what i mean.