Me and Kris were talking about saving money and the order of priorities with kids, wedding and owning a house. As in which would he rather came first etc. For me it’s kids, house, wedding. Purely because before i met Kris I honestly didn’t want to get married because I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with someone, but then I met Kris and that obviously changed. However marriage still isn’t a big issue for me, I don’t feel the need to be married before we have kids. Also the fact is we disagree about weddings a lot. I’m more than happy having a tiny wedding with just close friends and family, however he wants a huge shindig. To be honest, I find weddings a waste of money. And as for a house. I’d love to own my own house as soon as possible but we rent a lovely house for the time being that were able to do what we want with it. So for now I’d be happy to have kids first, keep living her til we save up enough and then get married in like 10 years. However Kris’ list is wedding, house, kids. If we go with that, it means no babies for at least 5 years if not longer. I’ve told him I don’t think I could wait that long, or want to wait that long. Especially as the way he’d put it when we stopped ttc was that we would start again in a year or two. I’m pretty sure he’ll decide to have them sooner but it still worried me. 

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Things are starting to really fall into place

Hopefully I can get at least a part time job after Christmas but even if I don’t I’ve got about £2000 in savings at the moment. Some has got to pay for my car insurance and I’m going to use some to redecorate the house as a thank you for kris. He’s also got a lot of extra shows in the next couple of weeks over Christmas and new year and they should give us an extra £2000 on top of his normal pay so hopefully we can put a big chunk into saving for a deposit on a mortgage.kris thinks I’m sad but I get so excited thinking and planning the future. Realising that in the next 5/6 years we could have our own house that we own, a decent wedding and our own family.

Kris is drunk.

He just text me saying screw the big white wedding next year and let’s jut go to the registry office next week, just me and him.

He knows I’d much prefer that and he’s never really wanted it so I don’t know how serious he is,guess we’ll see in the morning.

Wedding planning! 


As the gnomes recently discovered, one of the latest wedding trends this season is to use a blank wooden jigsaw puzzle for a wedding guest book. This appeals to puzzle lovers as well as the unique bride looking for a frame able, whimsical guest book option. The wedding guest book puzzle is fresh and fun in comparison to the stuffy, traditional guest book, so it’s easy to see why this fad is picking up steam. To accommodate this new and exciting market, we have just released three brand new puzzle designs. These puzzles all come blank, and each is shaped in the likeness of the traditional matrimonial symbols of a couple entwined, a couple holding hands, and a delicious, decorated and layered wedding cake. Two of the puzzles are currently available in 50 pieces (good for 100 guests) and 40 pieces (good for 80 guests). If you are interested in a different number of pieces, please email us for more information.

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I think I might make my own Wedding cake.

A similar one to the one I want has been priced for £200. I only want a 2 cupcake tiers and 2 normal cake tiers. I’m pretty sure I could make it myself, plus a few of my friends are really good at making cakes/decorating them so i may make them help (Ab, that’s you by the way ;))  

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I’ve been thinking about my wedding favours.

I think i’m going to have small glass jars with either blackboard paint  on the front with names in chalk or just with a little label and names and they will be the name plates for the seats and then have a little sweet stand thingy with all jars of sweets like rosy apples, rhubarb and custards and stuff and before they leave the guests can fill their jar up with the sweets they want. 

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